For a successful romance it is critical that you find the right person at the right time. Timing is everything. Yet, rarely is the timing perfect… Welcome to my world of laughter, suspense, and romance.

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Timing Is Everything

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A romantic suspense from Highland Press. 

Hank’s timing is a little off . . . US Marshal, Hank, has tracked a vicious murderer across the country. He is determined to get this man. Nothing is going to stand in his way or distract him from his goal. Nothing, except for a beautiful young woman in men’s pants and plaid shirts, who has an uncanny knack for attracting trouble with no regard for her own safety. Having carved a place for herself among the men of Rushton that’s as comfortable as her pants and boots, Jessy Cooper is completely happy with this unusual lifestyle until she acquires information that no one in Rushton should have known. She then finds herself with big problems in the form of one very large, very handsome, US Marshal. He wants answers only she can give him, but if she tells him everything he demands to know, she risks losing the only man who reminds her in ways not so subtle, that deep down, Jessy is all woman.


Knight Of Light

—paranormal romance—

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Most women would be envious of Miranda. She has two mysterious men ‘hot’ enough to melt chocolate single-mindedly pursuing her. However, most women wouldn’t want her problems.  She’s a small town girl, hiding in Las Vegas with the hope of blending in and concealing from her family her recently developed and unpredictable powers. This plan works amazingly—if somewhat unflatteringly well—until the two new men, with hidden agendas, throw her world off balance. One wants to save humanity.  The other wants to rule it. Both sides wish to join with her to command the powers she contains to change the course of the battle quietly raging just beyond the notice of the general population.  But Miranda has plans of her own and she is about to change the rules of the game.  Power such as this, has never been so seductive.

Rescuing Joy cover 2

Rescuing Joy

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A short story in a Christmas anthology titled Christmas Kisses from Highland Press. Can be purchased separately as an ebook.

After getting dumped during the holiday’s by her boyfriend, Joy realizes it’s time to make some changes in her life. She makes a list and sets some new goals. The most important one on the very top of her list is no dating until her life is back on track. This strategy would be a whole lot simpler if her life would just go according to her plans, but time after time something goes wrong and the man who keeps rescuing her has plans of his own that don’t match hers…

Every Christmas Wish 2

Someday Carole

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A short story in a Christmas anthology titled Every Christmas Wish from Highland Press composed of all stories from Annette Louise.

 Several years after a failed marriage, Carole was coerced by her sister to begin dating again. She went on one spectacular date that terrified her. It had been too perfect and she wasn’t quite ready to experience romance again. It had been too soon. Now, nearly a year later things in her life have calmed down and she is ready to begin the dating process, but she has no idea how to go about it. She also has a rule not to date any man she meets through work. Men who need an attorney are rarely good boyfriend material. However, there are exceptions to almost any rule. When a man from her past reappears in her life as a client for her boss, Carole has to decide if he is the exception…


Waiting for Holly cover


Waiting for Holly

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A short story in a Christmas anthology from Highland Press titled Christmas is in the Air. Can be purchased separately as an ebook.

Ms. Holly is a four year veteran teacher of first grade students.  She’s tough.  She can handle it all…right up until one sweet little girl asks Santa for nothing but chapstick for Christmas.  Concerned that Sophie won’t have a good Christmas, Holly takes matters into her own hands and plays Santa’s helper.  When Holly meets Sophie’s dad, things become complicated, because Mr. Brandt doesn’t think Ms. Holly will have a good Christmas…without him in it.

All She Wants For Christmas

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A short story in a Christmas anthology titled:  All I Want For Christmas Is You  from Highland Press.Can be purchased separately as an ebook.

Emily is a single mom with twin teenage children.  She has been divorced, not once, but twice and is determined to leave romance to the heroes and heroines in the stories she writes.  Better yet, she will live  vicariously through her young agent, Dan.  Dan is not only her amazingly talented agent, but her greatest friend.  He is handsome, fun, and entertaining.  Best of all, because he is eight years younger than her, he is safe. Dan is determined that Emily will live again.  She’s beautiful and has a great sense of humor, she is a wonderful mother, she’s talented, and yet, she shuts herself off from the rest of the world.  He believes it’s not healthy for her to only write about romance and not experience any for herself.  Especially since he has been attracted to her for a very long time… 

Enough With The Mistletoe!

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A short story in a Christmas anthology entitled:  All Wrapped Up published by Highland Press.

I received a Christmas surprise this year, not one, but two presents!  Unfortunately, I can’t keep them both. So, do I keep the boss’s son—the wealthy corporate lawyer, or do I keep the hot construction worker who doesn’t have any prestige and power? Surprisingly, it’s a rather tough choice…

Time Will Tell

—Cody and Brenda’s story, the prequel to Timing Is Everything

Coming soon!

Camping alone in the Wasatch Mountains, Cody hears a woman’s desperate scream.  Trying to save her from drowning in the raging river, Cody ends up traveling back in time.  Now in the year 1849, he not only has to figure out how to survive, but he has to convince Brenda he’s not crazy so he can protect her from the three dangerous men who chased her into the river. Brenda is in way over her head, literally.  She is in serious trouble, alone, and scared.  Does she dare place her trust in the handsome man who saved her life?  Only time will tell…