About Me



If I were to place a singles add, this is how it would read:

Single mother looking for handsome and romantic man of indeterminate age—preferably still young enough to still have original teeth and walk without the use of aides.  Must love movies, reading, outdoor sports, and quiet evenings at home—which will rarely happen because of my three energetic children.  Must be complimentary—regardless of my bad hair days and lack of culinary and housekeeping skills.  Must absolutely adore me and all of my faults.  And above all, without fail, must be a romantic at heart.  Because if you are not, I will create a hero better than you and fall in love with him instead.

Hmmm.  Perhaps this is why I am single?  =)



I am somewhat of a walking contradiction.  I love all books and a wide variety of authors.  Therefore, I have written an assortment of genres, although they are all romance based.

I love a book that can make me laugh, make me cry and leave me happy in the end.

I love suspense.  That special something that keeps me turning the pages until four in the morning.


One of my favorite quotes:

It’s not the number of books we get through, it’s the number of books that get through to us.

Author Unknown


Some of my favorite authors:

Jude Deveraux:  A Knight in Shining Armor, and The Summerhouse–have read them multiple times

Johanna Lindsey:  Uncle Tony, need I say more?

Judith McNaught:  Perfect, was…perfect!

Karen Marie Moning:  Her highlanders were truly drool worthy.

Julia Quinn:  Makes me snicker through the entire story.

Janet Evanovitch: Ranger all the way!

3 responses to “About Me

  1. I read the authors book, Timing is Everything, what a fun read. Just when you think you have it figured out, nope you don’t. I think we can all agree with the title though. Timing is everything and so many times I missed mine….I wish this author to have a best seller soon

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